D&R 4000 mkII
Pearl Soprano and brass snare
Dos de las tres cajas en el estudio ahora mismo.

Two of the three snares we have in the studio at this moment.
Drum Co. of New York
Caja de Nogal hecha a mano.

Hand made Walnut snare. Lovely snare
Pearl Sprano
Marshall valvestate  Model 8100
HH VS-Musician
VS-Musician & Westone Thunder A1
Wem Copicat Custom (Valve)
SWR Studio 220 Bass Amp
Bass Amp
70's Premier Kit (14",16", 24")
Farfisa Pianorgan II
Wind Organ
Buzz Audio S.O.C 1.1
Korg Stage Echo (Tape echo)
Ross Martin Audio ADC & G.A.P Pre73
M201 & Se T2 microphones
M201 & Se T2 microphones
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Farfisa Pianorgan II

Wind Organ